There’s a plug missing in my kitchen

so the water just drains,

washing is a problem

the suds close rank and pool


and float down, cloud like,

no resistance

whilst raindrops come through the ceiling,

we collect them in a frisbee.


Our walls are half painted,

some blue some cream,

where my Mother sleeps on her side

half empty. She adds it to the list.


Because the wooden panels

that frame the bath are rotten

a leak has sprung and we cultivate

great big mushrooms.


Now the fence has fallen

at the weight of our crab apple tree and

its limbs splay over the grass,

not tended, but wild safari straw.


We are in decay! We moan.

We call another plummer,

polish the floor.

We fell what was.



It is a truth universally acknowledged that a couple spending increasing amounts of time together is doomed. All hale the obsessive compulsion to leave early from nights out, not even attend the night at all and generally be totally absorbed in your boyfriend/girlfriend.
Clinging on means you don’t have to acknowledge the fact (publicly at least) that your relationship is failing. Well let me just tell you we all know. We know your boyfriend is a total perve. We know your girlfriend is too good for you. Don’t pretend that we don’t know that you know. We do.
In the end you are just waiting for one of you to end it. To finally push the other one so far away from reality (and social life) that they have to come clean first.
Sure you’re scared… but what’s scarier than the amount of time you wasted with someone you didn’t really want.