Where they go I follow

My guilty pleasure is undoubtedly Instagram at the moment. So here are some of my all time favourite accounts to stalk/follow/admire:

– frost_french. Co-created by Sadie Frost this is an accumulation of suggestive yet quirky photos.

– pandorasykes. A super chic stylist who is model beautiful. Great inspiration for the latest take on trends.

– lookdepernille. Another trendy stylist hailing from Copenhagen. She’s not bad on the eyes either. Everyone needs a scandie fix nowadays and she’s mine.

– bat_gio. This woman is amazing. An absolute must!

– paul_smith. This o-so-trendy man posts a random assortment of style inspiration combined with witty captions. Quintessential British.


– goodlifeeatery. Lots of yummy healthy food with the odd motivational/sarcy post.

– Derek Blasberg. Who doesn’t this man know?

– Candice Swanepoel. Already mentioned once on my page, this woman must have been created in a lab because her body is unreal 🙌.

– any of the kardashians.

– blakelively. She’s hilarious and surprisingly relatable.


Just do it 

Shia LeBoeuf once said:

Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Yesterday you said tomorrow. So just do it. 

Hunter S. Thompson said:

If you end up doing something you’re unhappy with, convince yourself you had to and you won’t be alone.

The second one I have to say really gets me. The fact that if you don’t actually do what you want, take risks, dare to be different – you’ll resign yourself to an excuse cultivated by the very society you once challenged. And you’ll know it. 

I suppose it’s easy saying these big sweeping statement, but what if you don’t know what it is you’re trying to do? Hunter would reply it’s not about a dream job or a goal it’s about you. Being happy in you. And what that is completely depends on your perspective. 

My dad said to me before he died:

There’s so many opportunities for someone like you – just do it

I now think, with the help of Hunter and Shia, what he really meant was just do what makes you happy. The opportunities for doing that are endless.